Ros Guerrero

Panel: What I Learned my 1st year in Business

04/07/2011 | 2:15-3:00

Location: Noah’s, Chandler AZ

Ros Guerrero

ROS GUERRERO is originally from Guam and now lives in Arizona with her husband Roy of 17 years and her only child, Gem, a teen with special needs. Ros comes from a big family and is the sixth child of eight kids who grew up in a small village; interestingly, Ros has more twitter followers than the village population. Moved away from Guam over 16 years ago, Ros loves to travel and has visited several Asian and European countries, lived in Singapore and Dubai as well as several cities in the US. At a young age, Ros discovered and was intrigued with the world of entrepreneurship and in her quest for a business, she was a real estate investor, co-owned a window design and nail salon business, but her latest and most passionate business venture is Ficklets, a product she invented inspired by her daughter. Launched in 2007 and awarded patent in 2009, Ficklets is now sold in over 250 optical stores in the US and Canada and is working with distribution partners to expand internationally.

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